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Destiny cleaning organically grown local strawberries

Destiny cleaning organically grown local strawberries

Locally & Organically Raised Produce

We partner with sustainable local farms in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for naturally raised fruits and vegetables, including the Organic Blueberry Ranch (Mishawaka, IN), Sustainable Greens Farms (Three Oaks, MI), and the Horn of Plenty co-op (Middlebury, IN). While our variety depends on the season, our standard for providing only locally and organically grown produce remains.

Seasonal offerings typically include asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, greens, lettuce, onions, potatoes, radishes, raspberries, rhubarb, root vegetables, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini. All are non-GMO, and free of chemical fertilizers and chemical sprays.


Apple Cider and Juice: We offer fresh-frozen local apple cider all year 'round! It's certified organic, unpasteurized, and raw — a delicious, refreshing drink anytime of year. 

Jams & Jellies: We offer Fish Lake Organic Jams and Jellies, made with berries from Fish Lake Organic Berries and other fruit from local organic farms.

Gluten-free Noodles: We are proud to share homemade noodles using our own pastured, non-gmo, free range eggs! No preservatives or artificial coloring.

Wholly Goodness Baking Mixes: Convenient, preservative-free baking mixes using organic/chemical free ingredients and alternative grains! 


Farming for Life Ferments: Good health begins in the gut! These tasty probiotic condiments (krauts and kimchi) and beverages (kombucha, kvass, water kefir, supertonic) are made by Joe Gady and team. They use produce grown naturally on Joe's Argos, IN farm, along with certified organic produce purchased during the winter season.

Frozen Local Fruit: Naturally grown and perfect for baking, granola, snacking, and smoothies. 

Local Honey: Our honey and bee pollen comes from Christiansen Family Apiaries in White Pigeon, Michigan.

Non-GMO Popcorn: Because even popcorn tastes better when it’s non-GMO. Our popcorn is open pollinated, of the Lady Heirloom variety, and consist of tiny kernels perfect for popping.

Pet Treats and Raw Pet Food: "Clean" foods and chewy snacks your pets will love! maple syrup, cider vinegar, pure sorghum, a few more surprises! Order today and check out the full list, or come visit us at the Goshen Farmers Market!