Raw Milk Herd Shares

Vintage Meadows is charged an annual fee by our dairy farmer partners to cover the cost of our partial ownership or "share" of their cow/goat herd.  This fee is calculated according to how much milk and dairy products we expect to use in a given year. The farmers figure how many cows it takes to provide that amount of milk or product for us and divide the value of the cow by approximately 9 years, which represents an average productive life span of a milking cow in most herds.  That number is the annual share cost that we are charged.  We simply divide our herd share costs by the number of customers we expect to order dairy products from us. 
By using this formula, we hope to lend credence to our herd leasing claims in the event that our farm is ever investigated by the FDA or USDA.  We do not gain a profit from herd share memberships (only cover our actual costs) as the point of this exercise is to comply with the regulations as they have been interpreted in court in past years.

Annual Herd Share Renewal

Our customers who purchase raw dairy products are required to purchase a Herd Share Agreement.  This is an annual fee charged to us by our dairy producers and therefore needs to be renewed annually. If you purchased a Herd Share Agreement in March, 2016, it needs to be renewed by April 1, 2017 to continue raw dairy benefits.  If you purchased one in April, it needs to be renewed by May 1, and so on.  We will send you an email notification when your current Herd Share expires and needs to be renewed.  

There is no limit on quantity of dairy products allowed per share. We partner with a co-op of dairy farmers who each produce their own individual dairy products.  If you're picking up locally in Goshen, we can coordinate your herd share purchase before you order. If you're ordering through FarmMatch, we can adjust settings on your account so you can view and order dairy.  A Herd Share Agreement must be purchased with your first order containing raw dairy. If you would like to participate in our Herd Share program and benefit from our premium raw dairy products, please get in touch.

Sarah Highlen