Pasture-Raised Meat & Eggs


100% Grass-fed Beef

No grains. No antibiotics. No added hormones. We feed our cows a variety of nutrient-dense grasses, and we're very particular about the types of grass use, because the variety has a huge impact on flavor. There are a lot of misconceptions about grass-fed beef, which often stem from experiences with the wrong grasses or milking breeds rather than beef breeds. Our grass-fed beef is always tasty!

We offer a variety of cuts, including the standard roasts and steaks; convenient cuts like ground and cubes beef; nutrient-dense marrow and offals; plus oxtail and broth bones.

We have plenty of economical options for young growing families, too — consider wholesome grass-fed ground beef, or stock up at a budget-friendly price by pre-ordering freezer beef.

What’s the difference between grass-fed beef and 100% grass-fed beef? While grass-fed animals may eat primarily grass and hay, their diets also include grains — often in the last few months of life. 100% grass-fed means that the animals have been fed grass for their entire life. Our beef is 100% grass-fed.  All grass, all the time. Learn more about food buzzwords in our Glossary.


Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall months, where they forage for roots and grass, and enjoy non-GMO grain. During the cold winter months, pigs are sheltered in a barn and fed fresh sprouts.

We produce a variety of sausage flavors and standard cuts including tenderloins, chops, and ribs. Our high-quality pastured lard is perfect for cooking and baking. Our ancestors relied on lard for good reason and we believe it's time to get back to lard, along with other traditional foods.

You can be budget-conscious and eat well! Order our freezer pork with half or whole hog pricing!


Pastured Chicken, Turkey, & Eggs

We often raise chickens on our farm, and we also partner with local farms who raise chickens, turkeys, and eggs. All are free range and truly pastured! Flocks are moved to fresh, chemical-free grass daily, and fed non-gmo grain.

100% Grass-fed Lamb

Our lamb is raised on a small, local, Amish farm and is 100% grass-fed. Lambs are born on the farm and stay with their mamas until they reach 100-120 lbs. and produce tender, flavorful meat.     

We offer a full range of wholesome, nutrient-dense food items, from meat to produce, to bread, and more. Find us at the Goshen Farmers Market or order today!