Quality Standards


We raise grass-fed beef and pastured pork on our small family farm in Goshen, Indiana. We also partner with other farms in Northern Indiana to provide additional products. Each farm that we partner with is committed to using our strict protocol of environmentally friendly, organic, farming practices.

100% guaranteed:
✓no antibiotics
✓no vaccines
✓no added hormones

Our animals are raised in carefree, humane, stress-free environments and produce healthy, nutrient-dense food without the use of antibiotics, vaccines, medications, hormones, etc. If an animal becomes ill and we provide them with medication to heal, they are tagged and that meat is not processed with our orders.

Garden produce, fruit, and other items are all raised and grown by trusted local farmers who share our strict protocol of organic farming practices.

Hundreds of people concerned about their food quality, or looking for an alternative to industrial, factory raised food, enjoy and benefit from our products every day. Customers enjoy a relationship with the farmer and a link to the land.

We invite you to experience the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from by building a relationship with the people who raise it!

We offer a full range of wholesome, nutrient-dense food items, from meat to produce, to bread, and more. Find us at the Goshen Farmers Market or order today!